Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bad Bass Half Marathon
Lake Chabot, California
Saturday, July 22, 2017

I race walked the Bad Bass Half Marathon in Lake Chabot, California on Saturday, July 22, 2017.  The weather was very nice as the temperature varied from 57 to 72 degrees with no breeze and sunny skies.  The event was a very challenging trail race that utilized 3 miles of paved bike trails and 10.5 miles of mountain bike trails consisting of dust, loose rocks, and ruts along with exposed roots and bigger rocks and had very little smooth areas so the footing was treacherous.  There were no flat parts!  However, there was much extremely steep up and downs that also covered very long distances.  I could handle the ups very well by shorting my steps and keeping my pace steady and could pass many runners who were forced to walk because it was so steep; however, the downs presented problems for everyone as gravity pulled, speeds increased to such a point that everyone had to try to hold back and that is very tough on the knees and also caused many people to trip and fall.  Fortunately I was not one of them.  The course was very well marked with ribbons and flour to draw arrows.  There were also a few volunteers and signage at a few places where the course transitioned from a main trail to a minor trail.  There were only 2 aid stations which had enough friendly efficient volunteers and were each used twice where you could refill your water bottles that were recommended that you carry as the stations were located at miles: 1.74, 5.43, 10.70, and 12.30.  Another rule that is common to trail events is that nothing could be discarded along the trail.  The course was also 13.5 miles instead of 13.1 miles because some of the usual trail was being reconstructed so alternate trails had to be utilized for much of the course.  I did this event in 2014 and knew how challenging it would be; however, the 2017 course was more challenging than the 2014 course.  The event is very well organized and I enjoyed myself.  The finisher’s medals are very unique and nice and I won first place in my age group and the age group medal is also very unique and nice.

Before the Race

After the Race

The Finisher's Medal and Age Group Medal


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