Saturday, August 12, 2017

Galloping Gertie Half Marathon
Gig Harbor, Washington
Saturday, August 12, 2017

On Saturday, August 12, 2017 I race walked the Galloping Gertie Half Marathon in Gig Harbor, Washington.  Galloping Gertie was the name given to the bridge opened in 1940 over the Tacoma Narrows section of Puget Sound and destroyed on November 7, 1940 due to extreme undulation caused by winds through the Narrows.

The temperature varied from 57 to 63 degrees with overcast skies and a gentle breeze.  The course was very challenging starting and finishing at the Tacoma Narrows Airport with a trip over and back on a bike path across the current bridge

and down to near the shore and back up on both sides of the Narrows on steep roads plus quite a few other up and downs elsewhere.  There were several intersections that needed to be crossed which had police to assist the volunteers who were also stationed at key places along the way.  The course was very well marked.  There were five water/Nuun stations that were located between 2 and 3 miles apart that were manned by plenty of friendly efficient volunteers taking care of the needs of the 234 finishers in the half marathon.  The event also had a 5K and 10K.  This is the eighth year for this event and the first time that I did it.  The event was very well organized and fun as well as relatively inexpensive,  small and friendly.  I was the oldest person to complete the half marathon and was placed in the male 60 to 99 age group with 6 men who were in their 60’s, three of whom be me and three of whom I beat.

Before the Race

After the Race


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