Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lost Dutchman Half Marathon

Apache Junction, Arizona

Sunday, February 18, 2018

On Sunday, February 18, 2018 I race walked the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon in Apache Junction, Arizona.  It was a wonderful day for the event which had 296 entries in the full marathon and 759 entries in the half marathon as the temperature ranged from 54 to 61 degrees with sunny skies and almost no breeze.  The half marathon course was out and back on paved roads that was continuously going up and down with no long or challenging hills.  As most of the course was on rural roads that were completely closed to traffic, only a few police officers were needed at cross traffic intersections.  There was a continuous view of the Superstition Mountains which have much historical significance.  There was a gold rush there in the 1890’s which included the Lost Dutchman Mine.  Also in the 1940’s, 1050’s and 1960’s Movie and TV Westerns were created in Apacheland.  There are still many small gold mines in the area which earn more money from tourism that from the gold.  Water/Gatorade Stations were located every mile with the Gatorade only available at every other station.  There were plenty of friendly efficient volunteers at each station.  I have done the event 5 times – once a full marathon and 4 times a half marathon.  The event is very well organized and fun to do.


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