Sunday, February 28, 2016

Me at the Cowtown Exposition, prior to the Half Marathon, and post finishing the race

Cowtown Half Marathon Fort Worth, Texas Sunday, February 28, 2016 I race walked the Cowtown Half Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday, February 28, 2016. It was a nice day for the event as the temperature varied from 55 to 62 degrees with partly cloudy skies and a 15 mph wind. There were about 6300 finishers in the half marathon, 1200 in the full marathon, and 400 in the 50K to go along with the Saturday event finishers which saw 3100 in the 5K and 10k and over 6000 kids in the kid events. The roads were completely closed to traffic and saw much up and down with one long uphill that was not very steep. Intersections were controlled by plenty of friendly police officers. Part of the course passing through the world famous stockyards which was where my wife, Gerda, and I spent most of our post exposition time on Saturday. Water/Powerade stations were located every 1.5 miles and were somewhat crowded as the table were not spaced out far enough. The volunteers at the stations were numerous, friendly, and efficient. In addition to receiving a technical event tee shirt at the exposition, each finisher also received a technical finisher’s tee shirt. The event was very well organized and fun to do. It was the second time that I have done the event.

Scenes from Fort Worth, Texas

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Me at the exposition for the Daytona Beach Half Marathon The event was held at the Daytona International Speedway Myself and Mike Reynolds before the event Myself after the event