Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quad Cities Half Marathon
Moline, Illinois
Sunday, September 25, 2016

On Sunday, September 25, 2016 I race walked the Quad Cities Half Marathon in Moline, Illinois.  The event was somewhat hot as the temperature varied from 71 to 80 degrees with sunny skies and little breeze.  The course utilized 10 miles of roads and 3 miles of a bike path along the Mississippi River.  The half marathon which had approximately 2700 entries started in Moline, Illinois went across the I-74 Mississippi River Bridge to Bettendorf, Iowa, looping up and down a hill to the bike path along the river to Davenport, Iowa, looping through the downtown to an iron deck bridge back across the Mississippi (It had a series of linking 3 foot wide carpets across the entire half mile bridge for those who did not wish to use the iron decking, me included) to Rock Island, Illinois where the participants entered the Army’s Rock Island Arsenal and transversed through the Arsenal to an exit in Moline, Illinois for the final half mile to the finish line.  The intersections were controlled by plenty of friendly police officers from each of the cities and military personnel in the Arsenal.  Turns had volunteers, arrows on the roads, and signs to ensure that the half marathon as well as the marathon and marathon relay participants stayed on course.  Water/Gatorade stations were located between 1 and 3 miles apart with plenty of efficient, friendly volunteers to take care of the needs of the field.  Because of the sunny warm weather there were a large numbers of spectators with chairs and coolers cheering enthusiastically for everyone participating, including military personnel in the Arsenal.  There was also much live music played along the course.  I have done this event 4 times (1 full marathon and 3 half marathons).  It has been in existence nearly 20 years and is always recognized as one of the better events in the USA being extremely well organized with the emphasis on ensuring that all the participants enjoy themselves tremendously.  My friend and well known ultra-runner, Dane Rauschenberg, was one of the celebrities at the event and ran the half marathon.  There were also several elite runners in both the marathon and half marathon.  I enjoyed myself.

 Me and Dane Rauschenberg at the Exposition before the race

Me before the race

Me after the race

Me and Dane Rauschenberg after the race

Indian Museum in Illinois

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Walnut Grove Pioneer Village, Iowa Part 2