Monday, July 31, 2017

Idaho Falls Half Marathon
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Saturday, July 28, 2017

On Saturday, July 29, 2017 I race walked the Idaho Falls Half Marathon in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  It was a nice day for the event as the temperature varied from 62 to 69 degrees with sunny skies and no wind.  The course was a point to point course on paved roads which started at 6000 feet and ended at 4200 feet of elevation.  The first 2 miles were a steep downhill, the next 0.25 miles was a steep uphill, the next 3 miles were a moderate downhill, and the rest of the course was generally a slight downhill.  None of the roads were closed to traffic; however, the first five miles was a rural road that had almost no traffic and the rest were city roads that had a bike lane or sidewalks along the roads that had a fair amount of traffic or were on residential streets that had little traffic.  Volunteers that acted like crossing guards were at all places where the participant had to cross a road.  I had no incidents with traffic.  Water/Electrolyte stations were located approximately every two miles and consisted usually of one table and two volunteers who were friendly and efficient and took care of the needs of the 350 participants in the half marathon.  The race was well organized and fun and the proceeds went to fund a computer lab for a local elementary school.  The age group awards were in ten year groups; however, my age group was 60 or above and I surprised myself by finishing third in this group.

Before the Race

After the Race

Me and thr Marathon Winner
Brian Fitzgerald

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oakland Air Museum
Oakland, California
Part 3

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Oakland Air Museum
Oakland, California
Part 2